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Hollow is an interactive documentary that explores the stories of small-town America through the eyes of Appalachians.
This hybrid digital storytelling project  won a 2014 Peabody award
Project can be found online here



Resource for data storytelling tools

From their website:

NetStories is a resource website that aims to empower communities to create digital stories through providing information about data storytelling tools available in the field.

Over the past several years, increasing internet access and powerful in-browser functionality have laid the foundation for the proliferation of new data storytelling tools. There are very few resources, however, for sifting through online data storytelling tools and quickly ascertaining their strengths and weaknesses. NetStories aims to fill this void by providing a resource where users can identify storytelling tools to fit their needs and also access resources for creative, community-based storytelling. The platform includes particular information about each tool, including a short description, cost (if any), difficulty level, and technical specifications.

The site features a game developed by the Networks Story Group at the Berkman Center to engage participants in methods and online storytelling tools. The site also features a blog to address the latest developments in online digital storytelling.

NetStories is being carried out in partnership with the MIT Center for Civic Media, Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society and the MIT Open Doc Lab.

Collaboration – a documentary

Director: Alfred Birkegaard
Researcher in Collaboration & documentary filmmaker
Producer: Katja Carlsen

about the film from their website,

Are we on the edge?

Are we on the edge of a new era of collaboration? Where did the new paradigme come from and how does it disrupt the way we understand, learn and create knowledge and science? This documentary is a curious journey into the refractive surfaces inevitably occurring when change is stirring the previous ways of doing and redering old practices obsolete. Are you prepared for the changes we are all facing? Because it is how you use the new technology that will shape the way it grows and set the tone of what’s possible in the future.

The documentary is based on Alfred Birkegaards PhD in Philosophy, but is created so it communicates to a broader crowd. It’s relevant for teachers, students, companies, bio-hackers, professors, philosophers and researchers and other curious souls who wish to uncover clues and insight about the dynamics of collaboration.

We have interviewed leading practitioners and historically central people, within the field of collaboration. Exploring an interwoven knowledge network of Open-science, Cyber-lawyers, Bio-hackers, Scientest, Professors, DIY´s and Teachers acknowledging the need for a new system and learning culture that takes collaboration seriously.

More content related to the film can be found on their Vimeo channel Open Media Lab